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How To Be The Effective Parent You’ve Always Wanted To Be-Raising Joyful, Successful, Independent Children


How To Be The Effective Parent You’ve Always Wanted To Be-Raising Joyful, Successful, Independent Children

Presented by Shelly Lefkoe, President of Possibilities of Parenting Center, a division of The Lefkoe Institute LLC.

This powerful interactive presentation assists parents to identify what they want for their children when their children grow up and their critical role in assisting their children to achieve it. Parents need to understand and define their roles and objectives as parents before parenting skills can be really useful. Parents discover:

  • Why children’s beliefs about themselves and life are the single most important factor determining their happiness, success, and well-being as an adult.
  • Why most attempts to direct or change their children’s behavior do not work and what it really takes to change behavior
  • How parents can assist their children in creating and building self-esteem.
  • That the most important thing determining their behavior as a parent is their beliefs about themselves and parenting.

Many speakers offer advice about how to cope with problems-at work, and in society. Instead, Shelly provides audiences with a proven technique that enables people and organizations to eliminate their problems by eradicating the beliefs that are their source. When the beliefs disappear, there are fundamental and lasting changes in behavior and emotions.Drawing from over a thousand individual and organizational case histories of profound change, Shelly dramatically provides both a revolutionary theory of change and a practical tool that audiences can take with them. After she makes her audiences comfortable, some members actually have long-held beliefs disappear. That demonstration makes what she says about change believable. Because she is committed to making a lasting difference in the lives of people, her enthusiasm is contagious.

Advice doesn’t work

Most people and organizations already know what they need to do to get the results they want. What they don’t know is how to successfully use the information they already have. They are tired of getting good advice that doesn’t produce change. Unfortunately, information and motivation–the standard recipe for change–doesn’t work.

Change is actually easy

Shelly presents a new theory about the nature of change that has important implications for our psychological well-being and organizational effectiveness. Unlike most theories, this one includes a very practical method that has repeatedly produced significant and lasting change both in individuals and organizations. Her natural humor and exciting message can help audiences positively transform their society, their organizations and their lives.

Shelly Lefkoe - Dedicated to helping people transform their lives

Shelly’s credentials

She is co-founder of the Possibilities of Parenting Center in Fairfax, CA. POPC is a division of The Lefkoe Institute, where she is a Vice President. It offers several standard and custom-tailored workshops for parents and teachers. She co-designs and leads most of the workshops. The mission of POPC is twofold:

• To have parents discover that self-esteem (the experience of being able and worthy) and a positive attitude toward life are the key to their children’s happiness and success.

• To empower parents to assist their children in the creation of a positive self-esteem and view of life.

She conducts private sessions for parents, teachers, and others using the Lefkoe Belief Process. This revolutionary process for change has enabled over 1,000 people to stop undesirable emotional and behavioral patterns, including criminal and violent behavior. The LBP also has been used with over 10,000 employees in over thirty companies to make fundamental changes in the corporate culture and to get employees excited about assuming more responsibility for the success of the company.

Shelly has been keynote speaker and delivered workshops to such groups as:

Parents of Multiples Convention
National Multiple Schlerosis Society
United Methodist Church in Norwalk
Long Lots PTA
Fairfield County Gymnastics Teachers
Kings Highway School Parents Association
David Posnak School in Florida
Family Day Care
Westport Public Library

Shelly Lefkoe, President