What's holding your recovery
from Depression back?

Many People Have Rid Themselves
of Depression Using The Same Method
That Permanently Cured Me of My
Depression Over 15 Years ago


From: The Desk of Morty Lefkoe

Date: Monday, June 23, 2008

If you're ready to get rid of your depression and embrace the happiness and peace of mind that may have been missing for some time, then I invite you to read the following letter.

My program has changed the lives of many people who used to experience depression just like you! I encourage you to read the letter below and let me show you how I can help you banish a persistent feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, and despair, while at the same time restoring your sense of well-being.

Dear Friend,

I know how difficult depression can be. I struggled with bouts of depressions lasting from 12 weeks to 12 months over a period of 30 years.

But for the past 15 years I've been depression free.

My family at my youngest daughter's graduation

During that time, my relationship with my wife Shelly has flourished.

My wife and I have raised our two daughters to be strong, confident, happy young women.

And I've built a successful business helping people to change their lives.

How did I beat my depression and build a good life for myself and my family?

I stumbled upon a way to help people get rid of the root cause of depression while trying to solve a business problem as a consultant.

The solution I found just happened to help people change their emotions and behavior (as well as make their businesses more profitable) and when I applied it to myself, my depression lifted and it hasn't been back for a decade and a half.

I then applied this technique to others who suffer from depression.

Below one of them describes her experience:

"I used to walk around enclosed in a veil of depression, fear, and self-loathing. I was always at the edge of the pit, ready to jump in and relinquish responsibility for my life and how it was turning out. I was on the verge of abandoning my family when my son became ill. After he spent several days in the hospital I realized I better get myself together; this kid needed and deserved me and I needed to be a responsible parent.

"I found Shelly Lefkoe and the Lefkoe Method. Immediately I began to shed emotional pounds. It was as if I had been running around on an exercise wheel in a hamster cage my whole life, and now I was free.

"Now I experience my emotions very differently. I'm not at the effect of them; I just have them. I get to feel all my emotions without having to worry about the pit. The most remarkable thing I've gained from eliminating beliefs with the Lefkoe Method is self-love and acceptance. Now that I love myself, I am much less judgmental of others. I no longer worry about who I am and what people think of me. Everything is easier to deal with. The problems of life are still there, but I experience them without the drama and feeling that the world is coming to an end."

Ruth Bonomo

I've taught this technique to several associates who are specially trained to help you.

How you can get rid of your depression

Most therapists will tell you that depression is caused by negative thoughts. I tried to change my thoughts but that just didn't work for me.

I needed to get underneath the thoughts to their true cause which was a series of beliefs that I held.

Then I needed to get rid of those beliefs.

For example, you may find that when things go wrong, you blame yourself frequently (I know I did). This can be caused by beliefs like: “I'm not good enough” “I'm a bad person” or “I'm worthless.”

Or you may find that you tend to think the causes of problems will last forever. If so you may believe “Life is difficult” or “Anything worthwhile has to be very difficult or nearly impossible to do” or “Most problems can't be solved.”

Or you may find that you think that one bad thing that happens will ruin everything. If so you may believe, “Good things won't last” or “If one thing goes wrong, everything will go wrong.”

Luckily, the method that helped me get rid of my depression 15 years ago can help you find these beliefs and put an end to them.

When they are gone, you'll find yourself naturally more optimistic. Seeing the possibilities in life instead of the problems. The hopelessness, helplessness, and despair will be gone. Hard to believe, I know. I would have questioned such a promise when I was in the middle of my depression also.

But you have nothing to lose except your depression. Eliminating just one or two beliefs will make it clear that the source of your depression can be eliminated with the Lefkoe Method.

You'll sleep better at night and more deeply as you more and more get the sense that you can handle any challenges that life throws at you.

Your cycle of depression will be lifted and replaced with the circle of natural well being.

To find out more about how the method I created can help you end your depression, please call The Lefkoe Institute at (415) 456-7300 or send me a message through this form.


Morty Lefkoe
The Lefkoe Institute

What therapists who've had some training in The Lefkoe Method say (these therapists are not affiliated with The Lefkoe Institute):

"I have used The Lefkoe Method numerous times in my practice for depression. In one such case the client had life-long depression and had made several prior attempts at counseling, to no avail.

The client’s behaviors were self-destructive and self-limiting, and self-esteem was very low.

After using The Lefkoe Method the client reported increased self-esteem, peace of mind, relief—for the first time in life—from depression, and expanded maturation and hope.

The Lefkoe Method can be life transforming. It also meets our great need for an effective, brief therapy."
Margaret Carter, M.A., Family Therapist

"The profound changes that have occurred in clients with whom I've used The Lefkoe Belief Process have awed them and me. I've seen phenomenal inter- and intra-psychic change in them. What is most encouraging about the change is that it seems to be immediately integrated into their lives. Moreover, it appears to be permanent."
Sara Staehle, M.F.C.C., Psychotherapist

"The Lefkoe Belief Process is able to change the emotional power of the unconscious brain-wired beliefs we form in childhood. The client doesn't realize these beliefs are distorting his perception of reality. When the LMBP "unwires" the beliefs, the distortions are eliminated."
Edith Jurka, M.D., Psychiatrist

"The Lefkoe Emotional Processes work especially well with phobias, weight loss and anger management. They resolve the fears associated with a wide variety of issues faster than any other technique."
Renee Hansen, M.A., Psychotherapist

"The LMBP is a highly effective way to quickly and permanently eliminate destructive patterns and negative core beliefs from clients' lives. It starts producing positive, life altering changes in them after only a few months of weekly sessions."
Elisabeth Wassenaar, M.A., MFT, Psychotherapist

"The Lefkoe Belief Method Process released past beliefs and opened new doors for me. Most exciting was my experience interviewing a group of incarcerated felons, both teens and adults. All of them had participated in a study to determine the effectiveness of the LMBP. The results were mind bog- gling. All of them expressed profound changes in both attitudes and beliefs."
Sheila Pakula, C.S.W., A.C.S.W.

"Learning how to use The Lefkoe Method Belief Process was much more valuable than graduate school. Shifts in self-perception and awareness which in the past might have taken several months to achieve are now happening weekly. The LMBP is an invaluable tool which melds seamlessly with the psychodynamic model of psychotherapy."
Doug Warhit, M.F.C.C., Psychotherapist

"Morty Lefkoe has discovered an easy, effective way to eliminate problematic patterns and beliefs in one's life. I have personally and professionally experienced his Lefkoe Method Belief Process and it's positive, life-altering results. I am convinced Morty's book, Re-create Your Life, his Lefkoe Method workshops, and his techniques should be read, attended and applied by psychotherapists everywhere."
Heidi Hendler, M.A., MFT

"I have been a licensed therapist for over 25 years and I consider The Lefkoe Method to be the most effective tool I have learned and used to support and facilitate significant transformation in my clients' lives. The Lefkoe Method is elegant, profound, and pragmatic. I have used it to address and resolve family of origin issues, psychodynamics, cognitive-behavioral problems, parenting problems, issues of co-dependency and some aspects of post traumatic stress disorder. I especially enjoy assisting my clients in de-conditioning emotions such as fear and shame from many of the aspects of life that are essential for ongoing functioning, such as negotiating, confronting, asking for something, setting boundaries, saying no, and making mistakes. Additionally, the processes repeatedly support and strengthen the transpersonal dimension for the individual so that the work is both psychological and spiritual at the same time. I love it!!!"
Barbara Witney, M.F.T., Psychotherapist

"The Lefkoe Method Belief Process has helped me personally become more assertive and a lot more confident. As a therapist, I used to sometimes get discouraged and wonder if I really knew what I was doing, when nothing I tried seemed to work. Now I use the LMBP and see my clients make profound changes on a weekly basis. It really does quickly and permanently eliminate the beliefs that cause most of the problems my clients bring in."
Hilary Shaw, L.M.S.W.-A.C.P.

"I've been in practice for 30 years and I have found all of The Lefkoe Processes the most effective method for deeply meaningful brief treatment, both personally and professionally."
Peggy Carter, M.F.T., Psychotherapist