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Decision Maker Change Perspective Process (DMCPP)

The DMCPP can be used when you have a negative interpretation of an event: Something happens and you immediately conclude that it means something negative. This conclusion can be cognitive or emotional. This process won't eliminate the beliefs and senses that produce the negative reaction, but it will change your perspective of the event. The change in perspective will change your reaction immediately.

The DMCPP is something almost anyone can learn to do without assistance. You don't have to discover all the beliefs that are causing the reaction nor do you have to find the historical source of a belief in order to change your perspective of a event on the spot.

People frequently try to consciously change their perspective from negative to positive with "reframing," positive affirmations, etc. Usually, however, when you say something positive about an event you've had a negative reaction to, what you say is experienced as empty words. You are saying something "positive" (which you really don't believe) on top of the negative reaction (which you really do believe). This process, however, literally disappears the negative reaction and assists you to get into the space of the creator, where you truly can create something new. As the creator, what you say is experienced as real, as true.

How do you get into that space? The principle is the same one utilized by the Decision Maker Belief Process: By fully experiencing that any specific event has no inherent meaning and that you create all meaning. The DMCPP enables you to get that the meaning you read into any event, i.e., the meaning that you create for any event, is arbitrary and not inherent in the event. In fact, the event reasonably could mean a lot of things. Implicit in this realization is the distinction that you are the creator of all meaning. When you have distinguished yourself as the creator, not the creation, anything you create becomes true for you.

Although there might be some people who can use the DM Belief Process on themselves, for the most part it is a technique that a facilitator uses to assist someone else to eliminate beliefs and get into the creator space. The DMCPP, on the other hand, can be used by many people without the need for assistance when they have a "negative" response to a situation.

One caveat: It might be difficult for some people to use this process effectively unless you have experienced (1) creating "alternative interpretations" and (2) that events in your life that you'd thought had inherent meaning really didn't, that you had created the meaning. Once you have experienced these distinctions several times with a facilitator you should be able to use the DMCPP effectively on your own.

Steps of the Decision Maker Change Perspective Process

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