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Possibilities of Parenting Center


Parenting is the most important profession because parenting determines, more than any other single factor, how children feel about themselves. Their sense of self-esteem, in turn, largely determines their success in relationships, their career effectiveness, and their fulfillment in life.

Many organizations try to help parents when a crisis such as drug or alcohol abuse involves their children. The Possibilities of Parenting Center (POPC) supports parents to take preventive action with their children in two ways:

  • To have parents discover that self-esteem (the experience of being able and worthy) and a positive attitude toward life are the key to children's happiness and success.
  • To empower parents to assist their children in the creation of self-esteem and other positive attitudes.

"The POPC presents a new way of looking at what the job of parenting really is, in a way that is very empowering. They then follow up with excellent skills courses."
Elaine Sellinger, School Psychologist

Parents Need Training

Almost every occupation, from driving a truck to performing surgery, requires months or years of training. Only for the job of raising children do we expect that love will be enough. Unfortunately, it usually isn't.

The Possibilities of Parenting Center (POPC) offers group courses and private counseling that assist parents to make a significant and positive impact in the lives of their children and, at the same time make the process of parenting easier and more enjoyable.

All of the courses are highly interactive; most include exercises and role playing. Participants usually have the opportunity to review the specific problems of their own children with the workshop leader and the other parents. Because people learn more when they enjoy themselves, the courses are designed to be a lot of fun. We promise that parents will leave the courses:

  • with a better understanding of how their interactions with their children are the most important factor that determine how their children turn out as adults;
  • with powerful parenting tools that significantly enhance their ability to improve those interactions.