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Helping Professionals Describe How The Lefkoe Method Changes Lives

Below you will find statements from personal growth experts, therapists and life coaches on how The Lefkoe Method has changed their lives and the lives of their clients.

Personal Growth Experts

Morty's got a technique that works like magic!

Jack Canfield
Co-Author of The New York Times Best Selling
Chicken Soup For The Soul Series

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"The Lefkoe Method Belief Process has helped me personally become more assertive and a lot more confident. As a therapist, I used to sometimes get discouraged and wonder if I really knew what I was doing, when nothing I tried seemed to work. Now I use the LMBP and see my clients make profound changes on a weekly basis. It really does quickly and permanently eliminate the beliefs that cause most of the problems my clients bring in."

Hilary Shaw, L.M.S.W.-A.C.P.

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Executive And Life Coaches

"The Lefkoe Method is an extremely valuable tool that has tremendous application with coaching clients. It's a clean, step-by-step method of eliminating beliefs that impede progress desired by the client. It's different from re-framing and changing perspectives and is not a coaching technique. The value of this system is its potential to enhance or turbo-charge coaching by removing stumbling blocks in the form of beliefs."

Reggie Weisenbach, Past President, Orange County PCMA

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