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Benefits of the Decision Makerģ Process

Ruth, television producer: "A few years ago I was stuck in a bad marriage. I was seriously depressed and thought I couldnít make it on my own. Knowing what I should do didnít seem to make any difference. Now, Iím out of that marriage and in charge of my life. I own my own home. The depression has lifted totally. Iím emancipated and empowered. Iím no longer stuck."

Jim, owner of architectural firm: "I used to always worry about upsetting the apple cart. I was unsure of myself, afraid of rejection. I took everything personally, which got in the way of getting more business. I was frequently afraid to act. Now, when I think about doing things, I usually just do them. Either Iím not uncomfortable or, when I am, the feeling no longer stops me. I have enough confidence in what Iím doing that I no longer fear rejection. I had talked about opening a new office for years but hadnít. Now I have and itís led to a lot more business for us."

Amy, college student: "I used to be bulimic. I felt inadequate, totally not comfortable or okay with myself. I didnít feel loveable. I couldnít relate to people at all. I felt alienated. Today Iím centered and focused. My perception of myself and people is totally changed. Iím not overwhelmed by a need to be thin. When I read a beauty magazine I donít feel inadequate or not okay with who I am. Iím able to be real with people. Now I can love people and allow others to love me."

Elizabeth, 13-year-old student: "When I was in third grade I came home one day and started doing my math homework. Out of frustration, I threw down my pencil and said, ĎIím stupid in math.í Shelly Lefkoe, who was there visiting my mom, turned to me and asked me what happened that led me to the conclusion I was stupid in math. I told her about how my teacher had put up all the names on the board of people who scored low on a pop quiz. I got very upset about this and concluded I was stupid in math. Shelly did the DM Process with me and I eliminated that belief. Now I am in advanced placement math with Aís and Bís."

Stapley, writer and mother: "My six-year old son seemed to be going through a difficult stage and I was finding myself angry, frustrated, and upset whenever I spent time with him. Far from being the loving, supportive parent I had always hoped and expected to be, I was miserable, ashamed, and depressed because I hated the tense and angry person I turned into when I was with my son. I was able to identify and eliminate several of the beliefs that had been preventing me from being the kind of mother that I wanted to be. The results have been dramatic. Now, behavior from my son that would have triggered my anger in the past no longer does so. The tension is gone from my relationship with my son. I know Iím a better mother than I was. Iím so grateful that I found the Decision Makerģ Belief Process before my son grew any older. We easily might have drifted apart and become one of the millions of dysfunctional families we all know."

Sara, M.F.C.C., psychotherapist: "The profound changes that have occured in clients with whom Iíve used the Decision Makerģ Belief Process have awed them and me. Iíve seen phenomenal inter- and intrapsychic change in them. What is most extraordinary about the change is that it seems to be immediately integrated into their lives. Moreover, it appears to be permanent.