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Coaches use the Decision Maker® Belief Process

“Thanks to the thorough practicing I used the Decision Maker® Belief Process NEXT DAY (without my notes handy) with a Deloitte & Touche client, who was so personally distraught, there was no point in talking business during our executive coaching session. If you could have seen the radiance on that face after an hour! So ... the tool is powerful and rich!”
Agnes Mura, MA MCC, Past President, LA PCMA

“Your workshop was a powerful respite in a hectic world. In half an hour of engaging in the Decision Maker® Belief Process, a foundational belief in my life, which has robbed me of much joy and satisfaction over the decades, disappeared. Before the workshop, I would have sworn that this was impossible. However, I now know that it is not only possible, but very simple. Thank you for this outstanding process. Besides having gained immense personal value from this course, I have a robust new skill to incorporate in my coaching practice.”
Inga Estes, President-elect & Program Chair, LA PCMA

“As a speaker’s coach the DMBP is an invaluable tool for helping my clients understand, and access and eliminate the underlying beliefs that prevent them from being comfortable in front of groups. I intend to use it in my practice extensively.”
Marion Claire, “The Confident Speaker’s Coach”

“Most people believe that it takes years of hard work to change a belief that they've held since childhood. Morty Lefkoe dared to think otherwise and has spent the past 18 years creating and refining the Decision Maker® Belief Process, an ingenious method for quickly eradicating limiting beliefs. … All of us who participated in the DM Workshop were awestruck by the possibilities this process opened up for our clients—and ourselves.”
  Phil Glosserman, Business Coach

“After attending the DMBP weekend workshop I can not only save time, but now I really help my client(s) like never before. I have already tested the DMBP with two of my clients. I could not believe the look in their faces once they realized the instant and profound change. It's really a breakthrough. I believe that all coaches and other professional helpers would benefit and be much more effective in their work using the DMBP.  I love the fact that Morty and Shelly Lefkoe are committed to their work and that their dream is to make this technique available and affordable so more people can be reached.”
  Gabriel Garciamendez, Life Coach/Strategist

"The Decision Maker Process is an extremely valuable tool that has tremendous application with coaching clients. It's a clean, step-by-step method of eliminating beliefs that impede progress desired by the client. It's different from re-framing and changing perspectives and is not a coaching technique. The value of this system is its potential to enhance or turbo-charge coaching by removing stumbling blocks in the form of beliefs."
Reggie Weisenbach, Past President, Orange County PCMA


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