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Quotes From Therapists

"The profound changes that have occurred in clients with whom I've used the Decision Maker® Belief Process have awed them and me. I've seen phenomenal inter- and intra-psychic change in them. What is most encouraging about the change is that it seems to be immediately integrated into their lives. Moreover, it appears to be permanent."

Sara Staehle, M.F.C.C., Psychotherapist

"The Decision Maker® Belief Process is able to change the emotional power of the unconscious brain-wired beliefs we form in childhood. The client doesn't realize these beliefs are distorting his perception of reality. When the DMBP "unwires" the beliefs, the distortions are eliminated."

Edith Jurka, M.D., Psychiatrist

"The DMBP is a highly effective way to quickly and permanently eliminate destructive patterns and negative core beliefs from clients' lives. It starts producing positive, life altering changes in them after only a few months of weekly sessions."

Elisabeth Wassenaar, M.A., MFT, Psychotherapist

"The Decision Maker® Belief Process released past beliefs and opened new doors for me. Most exciting was my experience interviewing a group of incarcerated felons, both teens and adults. All of them had participated in a study to determine the effectiveness of the DMBP. The results were mind bog- gling. All of them expressed profound changes in both attitudes and beliefs."

Sheila Pakula, C.S.W., A.C.S.W.

"Learning how to use the Decision Maker® Belief Process was much more valuable than graduate school. Shifts in self-perception and awareness which in the past might have taken several months to achieve are now happening weekly. The DMBP is an invaluable tool which melds seamlessly with the psychodynamic model of psychotherapy."

Doug Warhit, M.F.C.C., Psychotherapist

"Morty Lefkoe has discovered an easy, effective way to eliminate problematic patterns and beliefs in one's life. I have personally and professionally experienced his Decision Maker® Belief Process and it's positive, life-altering results. I am convinced Morty's book, Re-create Your Life, his Decision Maker® workshops, and his techniques should be read, attended and applied by psychotherapists everywhere."

Heidi Hendler, M.A., MFT

"The Decision Maker® Belief Process has helped me personally become more assertive and a lot more confident. As a therapist, I used to sometimes get discouraged and wonder if I really knew what I was doing, when nothing I tried seemed to work. Now I use the DMBP and see my clients make profound changes on a weekly basis. It really does quickly and permanently eliminate the beliefs that cause most of the problems my clients bring in."

Hilary Shaw, L.M.S.W.-A.C.P.



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